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[[ GAMES ]]

Click on the GameBase 64 links below to find the games. Search for and click on the Latif link on each page to download the game.

Episode 001: Pirates! by MicroProse
Episode 002: Winter Games by Epyx
Episode 003: Bruce Lee by Datasoft
Episode 004: HERO by Activision
Episode 005: California Games by Epyx
Episode 006: Break Street by Creative Software
Episode 007: 4th and Inches by Accolade
Episode 008: Druid by Firebird
Episode 009: Donkey Kong Jr. by Mr. SID
Episode 010: Track and Field by Atarisoft
Episode 011: Jumpman | Jumpman Junior by Epyx
Episode 012 Commando by Elite | Commando Arcade Se by Nostalgia
Episode 013: Friday the 13th by Domark | Sunday the 15th
Episode 014: 720 by US Gold | 720 by Mindscape
Episode 015: Mail Order Monsters by Electronic Arts
Episode 016: MicroLeague Wrestling by MicroProse
Episode 017: Montezuma’s Revenge by Parker Bros
Episode 018: The Goonies by Datasoft
Episode 019: Shamus by Synapse
Episode 020: Little Computer People by Activision
Episode 021: Gremlins by Atarisoft
Episode 022: Return of the Jedi by Domark
Episode 023: Labyrinth by Lucasfilm Games
Episode 024: Karate Champ by Data East
Episode 025: Radar Rat Race by Commodore
Episode 026: Archon by Electronic Arts
Episode 027: Adventureland by Scott Adams
Episode 028: Wonderboy by Activision
Episode 029: One on One by Electronic Arts
Episode 030: Sword of Fargoal by Epyx
Episode 031: Complete Computer Fireworks Celebration Kit by Activision

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