Kings of the Castle

At the end of each episode of Sprite Castle I play an 8-bit song. The song will not be directly from the featured game, but will be related to the game’s theme or title. For example, for the “Friday the 13th” episode, the song was “Friday I’m in Love” by the Cure. For “Jumpman,” the song was “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by the Rolling Stones.

If you are the first person to correctly identify the secret song AND tell me the connection between the song and the episode, YOU will be the King of the Castle for the entire next episode! If you become the King of the Castle three times you will be become SPRITE CASTLE ROYALTY. Royalty Members are retired from future King of the Castle competitions, but do get their own permanent name plate and access to snacks and drinks in the castle lounge.

Submissions can be sent via Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, or the show’s voice mailbox. Each of these are listed on the front page of Sprite Castle. All submission paths are treated equally and winners will be selected by the time the submission was sent.

Congratulations to all present and future Kings of the Castle and members of the Royal family!

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  1. King of the Castle
    my guess for the track is David Bowie’s fame,because of the bowie connection

    love the podcast,,,check out our mess of a podcast at

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